War Dragons by Brian Oliu, Michael Rudin & Dan Martin

War Dragons

By Brian Oliu, Michael Rudin & Dan Martin

  • Release Date: 2016-01-15
  • Genre: Epic
Score: 4
From 31 Ratings
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An Ancient island resurrected. A once proud and peaceful nation thrown into darkness and chaos. A world where communicating with dragons is punishable by death. All caused by one man.
The children call him Uncle Gustav. Once an orphan from the salt lands, Gustav awoke the Ancient dragons and conquered Atlaua. All those that oppose Gustav are quickly extinguished at the hands of his Blackblood Army, all crafted in his brutal image. 
“War Dragons: All Things Burn” documents Gustav’s rise to power through his own eyes, as well as through the viewpoint of Ash, a commander in Gustav's Blackblood Army who after years of doing Gustav's bidding, is orchestrating a revolution to take back her homeland. 


  • Good book

    By Frito1224
    This was a pretty good book if you play war dragons it is a good read, it kept me interested, I only gave it 4 stars because I felt some of the grammar was off,I felt like it should have been proofread better before it was published
  • Many grammatical errors

    By David Cabler
    The read is quick and easy, however there are many spelling, grammatical, and other language mistakes that in my opinion, take away from the story. As with most of PG's efforts with War Dragons, this story is touted as epic, but falls shy of the mark. "Wait for the update" has become a common line in the War Dragons universe, as that includes the second edition of this book.
  • Entertaining

    By FantasyReaderArtist
    A relatively easy read that utilizes a periodic switched viewpoint strategy to build the arguments for two different sides. There are a few things to keep in mind, however; I will mention these below. (No Storyline Spoilers) Switched Viewpoint- Pro: Gives interesting insight to the thought process of the two main characters Con: Took away from the story in some areas by causing the reader to be stuck in the neutral between the two (which may have been intended, due to the ending). Written as a Prologue for an App Game- Pro: Gives background to the game. Con: The ending is never firmly resolved, creating an incomplete feeling. This would be more excusable if such an ending could be met with more depth by the start-up story for the app. Utilization of Names Found in the App as a Reward Pro: Neat to be featured in something like this and to give app connections. Con: Many names were randomly thrown in with not much backing or significance to them. (Thrown in for the sake of being thrown in) Small Grammatical Errors When it Came to Singular/Plural Things- Pro: A common mistake seen in many works. Con: Caused reader confusion in some areas if noticed. Storyline- Pro: Interesting and unique twists Con: Fell bland and gave a "when is the story story going to start" feel in some parts that should have had an emotional climax and also may not be suitable to sensitive younger readers. I emphasize the sensitive part, as there is no adult content, but some humane violence. Length- Pro: Short read, which is what most app users will be able to finish. In this timeframe, it covers a good amount of material. Definitely the best choice considering the audience. Con: Storyline could have had a huge amount of reader-engaging and world-building detail of done in a larger format. This would make the story have a greater impact on reader emotions. (Think Game of Thrones or Temeraire length.) I just can't help but wonder what could have happened with this kind of length.
  • One star too many

    By Danizeidler
    I must confess i only read the first 10 pages or so. But within those pages, guts were spilled all over the place and magically reabsorbed. Also a very nice description of how to cook, salt and eat your father was included. Never mind the terrible style and non logical occurrence of events. This is just horrible.
  • Not bad

    By Darkusnaga
    It's a good read but I prefer the game, only because I like interaction.