Chasing a Legend by Sarah Robinson

Chasing a Legend

By Sarah Robinson

  • Release Date: 2017-08-22
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 13 Ratings
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The most soulful Kavanagh brother tackles the challenge of a lifetime—with a little help from the girl of his dreams.
“Fans of Lori Foster’s SBC Fighters series will love the MMA atmosphere of [Sarah] Robinson’s Legends.”—Library Journal

A topnotch manager and agent, Quinn Kavanagh pictures a life outside of his family’s renowned MMA gym. Beneath his sleek exterior, Quinn has a secret passion for sculpting. But after a nearly fatal motorcycle accident, he’s struggling just to walk again, let alone get back to the studio—and it doesn’t help that the doctor in charge of his physical therapy is his childhood crush. Quinn’s always ready for a fight, but the bittersweet sting of unrequited love has him begging for mercy.

Dr. Kiera Finley is determined to make her medical residency a success. Six years ago, she gave in and shared a single passionate night with Quinn. Now she’s just hoping the cocky lover from her past doesn’t derail her plans for the future. Little by little, though, Kiera gets to know another side of Quinn. She knew he was a family man, devoted to his parents and brothers, but he’s also a free spirit trapped in a cage—and only she has the key. To heal both Quinn’s body and soul, Kiera’s tempted to give him a special kind of medicine.

With their own heartwarming HEAs, Sarah Robinson’s Kavanagh Legends novels can be read together or separately:

Praise for Chasing a Legend

“If you enjoy the friends-to-lovers trope or adore second-chance romances, this is the book for you. Highly recommended.”—Harlequin Junkie

“[Sarah] Robinson concludes her Kavanagh Legends contemporary quartet (after Becoming a Legend) with a perfect blend of smoldering heat and gentle tenderness.”Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“Beautifully written and paced to be devoured, Chasing a Legend is the perfect addition to the Kavanagh Legends series. Quinn and Kiera are sure to leave their mark with this stunning second-chance romance!”—Prisoners of Print
Chasing a Legend is a sweet and heartbreaking romance story of Quinn and Kiera. It’s about getting a second chance at life and to be with the one you’ve loved all your life.”—Millsy Loves Books
“I do believe I’ve found myself my favorite Kavanagh Legends story.”—Dog-Eared Daydreams (five stars)

This ebook includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.


  • My favorite of the Kavanagh Legends!

    By Mom's Cooking The Books
    This is the fourth book in this series and Quinn and Keira’s story is my favorite so far. This book touched my heart so much! I have been waiting for Quinn’s story and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! Quinn isn’t a fighter in the family legacy. He is the man behind the MMA gym and behind his brothers as manager and agent. He is his father’s right-hand man. After his accident, Quinn questions if he wants to go back working in the family business or changing direction. Quinn and Keira were childhood best friends and Quinn was in love with her. When Keira wanted to lose her virginity at 18 before she went to college, she couldn’t think of anyone else that she would want to share it with but Quinn. She also had feelings for Quinn but she was heading to college and needed to concentrate on her dream of being a doctor. The night before she left for college, she and Quinn took care of her virginity problem. Quinn wanted to tell her that he loved her but chickened out. The next day, his brother told him to quit moping around the house and go and get his girl. By the time Quinn arrived at Keira’s house, flowers in hand and heart on his sleeve, she had already left without a goodbye. There was a huge misunderstanding between them and their relationship was never the same. She broke Quinn’s heart. My heart hurt for him. I have to admit there were a few times I teared up throughout the book while reading. Six years later, Quinn is in a terrible motorcycle accident that requires him to have physical therapy. His doctor (who is in residency training) is none other than Keira! He had no idea she was back in town. There is nothing better than an unrequited love story, lost first love, and second chance at love all rolled into one great story! I love the Kavanagh clan and this book can be read as a standalone but to really appreciate all there is to this series, start from the beginning. The main characters are developed and they had me from the start. The Kavanagh brothers and their families are part of the supporting cast and I felt like I was a part of their family. There is so much involved with this story. Family drama, push and pull between Quinn and Keira, Quinn trying to find himself after the accident and Quinn and Keira trying to work out where they wanted to take their relationship. I was totally entrenched in the story. I don’t want to give you any of the plot points as I feel it needs to be experienced. I highly recommend this beautiful love story between Quinn and Keira. Nothing better than a love story about the one that got away and the hero that has pined for her for years.
  • Second Chance At Love

    By Agent$$$$
    Quinn Kavanagh never wanted to be a MMA fighter, but he was the force behind making his brothers Champions. As their agent, Quinn lined their pockets, his, and a majority of the fighters who sought to make it "big" in the MMA world. Quinn also helped bring the family's business, Legends, back from the brink of bankruptcy. While he was always the "responsible" one and the one everyone could count on, he couldn't tell his own family his true dream of becoming an artist.....On the way to pick up his brother Kane, Quinn is hit while riding his Ducati. The nearly fatal accident has Quinn re-evaluating his life. First, he has to get through physical therapy! Dr. Kiera is the "one who got away". Kiera left Quinn six years ago, not knowing she had broken his heart. Kiera left to pursue her dreams of becoming a doctor. When Kiera wasn't accepted into her first choice residency program, she opted to return home to complete her residency. Kiera didn't expect Quinn would be her patient, as she didn't even know her former best friend was injured. As Kiera helps Quinn gain strength and mobility, she also starts to slowly break down his walls. Kiera decides she's "all in" on giving their relationship a shot, while Quinn continues to hold back. He doesn't know if he can trust her with his heart again.... I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this novel!!! It was utterly swoon-worthy!!! I loved the rambunctious Kavanagh family, the tight knit community, Kiera's strength and quirkiness, Quinn's devotion to his family.....EVERYTHING!!! The whole novel was sooo good!!! Even the dogs were AWESOME and an important part of the family. I liked how Kiera brought Quinn out of his "quiet". She encouraged his art and his dreams. This is a must read novel!!! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.
  • Quinn has stolen my heart!

    By Christine Miller28
    I have not read any of the Kavanagh books prior to this one, but I absolutely fell hard for this family and will definitely be going back to catch up with this family Quinn and Kiera have a second chance at romance. They were best friends in high school and Quinn always loved Kiera until she left for school without a goodbye. Quinn was shattered. I loved this part of the story because we have this tough tatted up guy who was gutted when the girl he loved left him. He didn't know if he'd ever be able to move on. When Kiera comes back to town and is Quinn's doctor, her feelings for him are just as strong. I loved watching them discover the love that never got a chance when they were younger. Quinn is my favorite kind of hero. A rough and tumble guy that is sensitive and a heart of gold. This family is everything a great family needs to be. The writing had me in tears and I felt all sorts of emotions through the book. This was a fantastic read!
  • Awesome!!

    By KindleKat64
    I cannot believe that this is the first Sarah Robinson book I have read so I know now how I have missed out especially on all the other Kavanagh Legends. You can bet they are all on my TBR now though!!! I adored this sweet, heartwarming yet sometimes heartbreaking story about second chances. In this case second chances mean more than just at love for Quinn Kavanagh; it means at life as well and what he does with it. This man is so much more than meets the eye and clearly such a beautiful soul. He is so loyal to his family so he has been hiding a very special part of himself that should not be hidden. He is just so incredibly swoonworthy. I just love this loud, fun , loving and supportive Kavanagh family and can't wait to go back and read the other books!! After his tragic motorcycle accident it is many months before Quinn can even begin PT and when he does he is shocked to see who his PT doc is. It is none other than the girl he has loved forever only now she is a woman. Seeing Kiera Finley again, or Keeks as he calls her, brings all of those feelings back to the surface, only she left him 6 years ago without even so much as a goodbye after one incredible night where their friendship became more. But now she is back. She came back. Can they take this second chance and turn it into a lifetime of love? So many moments in this book made me cry, laugh and swoon. Even though I haven't read the other books in this series I don't feel like it took away from this story for me at all. It was fantastic!!
  • Best of The series

    By Ayekah
    Perfection! There are some books you read and when you're done you say "that was good." Then there are those that you keep in your head for a few days (or longer), this book is the later. Their story is phenomenal. This is Quinn and Kiera. They have history. Young love and what a love it was. When Kiera picks up and leaves for college without a peep Quinn is devastated. He emerges himself in the family business, managing everything, along with his father. He's got a great head for business. During the time Kiera is away, babies are born, brothers are married or have partners and then there's Quinn. Quinn rides his much loved Ducati and on the way to his Mum's for Sunday dinner he's seriously injured in an accident. His life is changed in many ways and when he gets to rehab, he meets with his new therapist there. Which happens to be Kiera; doing her internship there. She's studying to be a Dr in Physical Therapy. Obviously neither were prepared to see each other again unexpectedly and Quinn's initial anger while understandable still threw me a little. Kiera's concern was getting him back on his feet again while tending to the relationship aspect as well. Quinn slowly lets her back in, carefully and slowly. The family welcomes her back into the fold with open arms, they are a warm and loving tribe and I love them! I love the wisdom that pours from both parents. Especially their Mum. She's quite the character. The main thrust of the book is the evolution of Quinn and Kiera's relationship and where it was in the past, present and perhaps the future. I can't really say, you'd have to read the book. This is probably my favorite book to date. There is so much emotion packed into this one that just places the reader right into the story. Meanwhile flipping pages like the mad hatter. Sarah's books are always above and beyond well done. Her plot lines are solid and her characters are living and breathing people, larger than life. I am anxious to see what she has in store for us next! I don't think we've seen the last of the brothers! **arc from NetGalley and Loveswept in exchange for a fair review**
  • Loooove

    By booksbysarahrobinson
    Quinn might be my favorite Kavanagh 😘
  • Most excellent

    By Cntrygirlz
    Mrs. Robinson never fails to amaze me with her wonderful characters and great storytelling. I cried so have tissues ready. I laughed because some parts are hilarious, especially Keira. The sex was steamy. And all the Kavanaghs are back. Kiera is funny, gorgeous and working on becoming a physical therapist. She left six years ago after giving her virginity to her best friend of many years, Quinn. She left for school the next day and left him broken hearted. Quinn is the manager for his brother the MMA fighter and other athletes. He's on his way to meet his brother when he's in a horrible motorcycle accident. He was unconscious for a week and when he woke he couldn't believe all the damage done to his body. Five months later he's walking with a cane and starting his first physical therapy session. Only to find out his therapist is Kiera. He still loves her but won't have his heart broken again so he remains distant. He has a secret passion and decides to show it to her. The next day she shows up offering to cook for him. So now they're a couple and life couldn't be any better until she gets accepted to the physical therapy training school in Seattle. She has already decided not to go but when Quinn sees the later he thinks she's leaving him again. So to prevent her from walking away from him, he breaks up with her. He's afraid if she stays she'll resent him later. She leaves and neither is happy. Will Quinn man up and go after his woman or will he lose the love of his life for a second time? *received a copy from netgalley *
  • Another Kavanaugh!

    By Groomsmom
    The Kavanaugh family is well known for their success in MMA fighting and there Gym, Legends. Quinn Kavanaugh is Kanes MMA manager, but does extreme training to keep in shape. Until a tragedy strikes and his life gets an unwanted re-start. Quinn is critically injured in a motorcycle accident. He is in a coma for a week, and awakens to a whole new existence, mainly of pain. He has broken bones, scars from the road, multiple bruises and is running out of hope. He is depressed knowing his life can never be the same. But, upon starting to work with the Dr. in charge of his PT he is thrown back in time. Keara Finley "Keeks", his best friend growing up, is now a physician. After a magical night together six years ago, she left without a word or note. Quinn was devastated and still carries the hurt. But the closeness their sharing now is breaking down his walls, and making Keeks realize what a mistake she made leaving. They decide to go with their feelings and try to see how things work out. Quinn even admits Keeks to his sacred sanctuary where he has been making beautiful sculptures from motorcycle parts for years. His family has no idea, but he realizes this is the one thing from his old life he can embrace and work with. Keeks encourages him all she can. It seems like Quinn can have it all. But, a secret Keeks is keeping threatens everything. She loves Quinn with her whole heart and soul, and knows he loves her, but a decision has to be made. This story has a lot of pain, both physical and emotional, but as always the family weathers it all. There is steamy moments, tears and eventually the HEA. But the story along the way is heartwarming. This can be read as a stand alone, but the series is a wonderful read. I received this eBook from the publisher and Netgalley for review. Pat Fordyce
  • Loved it

    Loved this story! To me, Quinn has always been the most intriguing Kavanagh brother and finally we have his story and it's a great second chance romance. Quinn and Kiera shared a night of incredible passion years ago. It meant everything to Quinn but the next day Kiera was gon. Not just from his bed but from their hometown. Sometimes it's difficult to know the right thing to do when you are that young with your life and dreams ahead of you. Kiera made the only decision she felt she could. Leave and pursue her dreams. Now she's back and she can only hope that the now grownup Quinn doesn't distract her to the point of not finishing what she started. I love this entire series and this is definitely my favorite. I highly recommend this one to everyone.