Occupiers of Wall Street: Losers or Game Changers by Bhaskar Sarkar

Occupiers of Wall Street: Losers or Game Changers

By Bhaskar Sarkar

  • Release Date: 2012-06-24
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
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The American people are finally showing some signs of disillusionment with the Neo-Liberal capitalism preached and followed in their country. The “Ninety Nine Percent” have seen their prosperity slide downwards since 1980 when Reganomics and Neo-liberalism took over. But even with 99 percent adult literacy, and 98 percent households owning television, the “Ninety Nine Percent” have, till now, chosen to suffer their dwindling prosperity in silence. They have agitated against wars but they have never agitated against poverty, against hunger, against dwindling facilities at public schools, against government policies which favor the rich and the corporations at the expense of the “Ninety Nine Percent”. They have watched in silence as budgets for education, social security and Medicare are slashed and billions of dollars are spent in providing military and economic aid across the world. They have watched without protest as corporations, have shipped manufacturing to the third world, out sourced business processes. They have suffered in silence as corporate greed led to the Sub-prime Mortgage crisis and their homes were re-possessed. Paralyzed, they watched the economic meltdown that followed, ate into their investments and sent household incomes plummeting.

The moot question that now arises is whether the movement can survive and win its battle against the “One Percent”? There are huge problems. The people on the streets are too few. There are no identifiable leaders or organization. There are no specific goals to be achieved. There is no action plan to bring about a fair system. Occupiers of Wall Street have been evicted from “Liberty Square” and other sites they occupied. If the movement is to succeed a lot must change.

This book seeks to suggest what needs to be done and an action plan to achieve the goals. It is an offering of a member of the “Ninety Nine Percent” to the American people.