The Truth about Tattoos by Mike Connell

The Truth about Tattoos

By Mike Connell

  • Release Date: 2012-08-28
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Score: 3
From 24 Ratings
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How many know someone who has a tattoo? Its a growing phenomena now, a tremendous increase has taken place since the 70s. You see it everywhere and so you think: is there anything to it? God looks on the inside, man looks on the outside, let's not worry or sweat about it? I believe we need to understand what lies behind these things and I'm going to show you why this is so important.


  • I wish I could give this no stars

    By Lainara
    Bunch of uninformed B.S -A real tattooer
  • Good read

    By M-Eaze
    Very informative.
  • dont read this

    By Sinkinships
    This book makes me sad on so many levels. I am a very God loving christian who is covered in tattoos and this book is one of the reasons i am sadened by todays christian church. This author is caught up in his own world. Only God can judge and know the reason of your heart.
  • Well structured, but deeply illogical

    By MTXsupertrax
    I am not fond of this publication. First off, it’s full of typos- like one every two pages or so. Also, its rediculously conservative. While the arguments were well structured, they were very illogical. The idea of a blood covenant, with such an approach as this, could also apply to surgeries, just because blood is shed when you get an opperation, you are now open to demon possession?You are now tied to everyone else that’s ever been opperated on by that surgeon? Oh no! What if he opperated on a muslim???? Most of the referrences to tattoos were explicitly refering to tattoos people has of spiritual things(i.e. demons, animals they worshipped, etc). Would not the spiritual oppression be cause by the worship of the beings? Not merely the tattoo? I’m pretty sure they would have had identical oppression without the tattoos. Another MAJORLY overlooked area is this: In 1 John 4:4 it says, “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” Christians are called children of God and the Holy Spirit dwells within each and every believer. Demons can not occupy the same space that is occupied by God the Holy Spirit because God is greater than any evil spirit since God is the Creator of everything, including angels. In other words, we CANNOT become demon possessed because of a tattoo as long as we are committed to Christ.
  • Poorly Written

    By Cool netb
    No need.
  • Wow, horrible.....

    By Amerikanidjit
    Religious, ridiculous, uninformed, nonsense. Misleading title, not one ounce of "truth" or fact to be obtained from this garbage.
  • Tattoo

    By Big John 25
    Bunch of bull hokie
  • Deleted

    By Szora
    Not worth downloading.
  • Not in agreement

    By pastor jakob
    I have never cared for preaching of this style. One verse, followed by personal examples. This is pretty typical of most Pentecostal preaching. This is coming from a Pentecostal preacher that believes in deliverance, and covenant and all that. I've heard other preach that tattoos are the mark of the beast. You can turn a personal opinion or story to say anything. I could make a good defense based on personal experiences and stories that tattoos are God honoring and can open the door for evangelism etc. Point being, no matter what your background or denomination is, the Bible should be the authority. Considering there were a total of 3 verses referenced, only one in connection to tattoos there wasn't a very solid case laid out. Some may have opened themselves up to sin, and demonic influences through bad decisions, but saying that tattooing creates soul ties with the artist that gave the tattoo, or that you need to have demons cast out because you have tattoos... No... Just no. There are many pastors in the same spirit filled circles that walk in the power of the spirit... And are heavily tattooed. I gave it two stars because it is well written and interesting. I don't think it's heresy or anything, but I fear this sort of preaching and teaching will have many tattooed individuals under condemnation or not welcomed into the church because they are awaiting a deliverance or manifestation that doesn't need to happen. Sincerely, A tattooed pastor
  • Good info

    By LvJesus
    Good info but too repetitive it's not about the number if pages but the information. Still the writing is very Informative Also this is a timely topic -tattoos -that really needs to be discussed or talked about more in church.