iOS Core Animation by Nick Lockwood

iOS Core Animation

By Nick Lockwood

  • Release Date: 2013-08-14
  • Genre: Programming
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Core Animation is the technology underlying Apple’s iOS user interface. By unleashing the full power of Core Animation, you can enhance your app with impressive 2D and 3D visual effects and create exciting and unique new interfaces.

In this in-depth guide, iOS developer Nick Lockwood takes you step-by-step through the Core Animation framework, building up your understanding through sample code and diagrams together with comprehensive explanations and helpful tips. Lockwood demystifies the Core Animation APIs, and teaches you how to make use of
Layers and views, software drawing and hardware compositingLayer geometry, hit testing and clippingLayer effects, transforms and 3D interfacesVideo playback, text, tiled images, OpenGL, particles and reflectionsImplicit and explicit animationsProperty animations, keyframes and transitionsEasing, frame-by-frame animation and physicsPerformance tuning and much, much more!
Approximately 356 pages.


  • Layer Kit

    By GerardRG
    I have another book on Core Animation I bought a long time ago. I just checked. It said Core Animation was all about animation. That’s like telling someone a car is all about the wheels and the trunk. It only made sense at the time because Apple calls their technology Core ANIMATION. When I read iOS Core Animation and it said Core Animation is a compositing engine and animation is only part of its job it was a great revelation. It makes so much more sense. Layers are the basic thing you are compositing. You can do that compositing statically or animate it. It would be like telling someone a car is powered by an engine which drives wheels that you can control. By varying the engine speed and direction of the wheels you can get to where you want. Really great book. I guess the thing I like the most is understanding the structure of Core Animation. Understanding that when you think about UIView you should just think CALayer when drawing. CALayers breaks encapsulation for UIViews. UIViews have only 2D transformations but CALayers show you that the UIView’s drawing surface really is 3D and going through CALayer you get the 3D transformations. The tuning stuff is great. There’s not a huge amount but what’s there is really nice. You definitely have to read that. I think that will help me if I have to improve performance. I guess the big overarching thing though is that Core Animation really is misnamed. Its original name was Layer Kit which really makes everything clearer. Layers are pretty close to the geometry in OpenGL. There’s really not a whole lot different. The iPhone has a process that apps send stuff to to render. It’s not in the app itself. The animation and how it works and where things are is clearer.
  • Easy Reading

    By clarkkurt
    Great book! It presents Core Animation in a way that is enjoyable to read and easy to understand. It seems comprehensive, but it doesn't cover the changes made for IOS7. I have recommended it to everyone on my team.
  • Good book

    By [Secret touch]
    This book provides a very deep overview of Core Animation. Well done! Strongly suggested for people learning Core Animation.