How To Train Your German Shepherd Dog by David Burns

How To Train Your German Shepherd Dog

By David Burns

  • Release Date: 2014-04-23
  • Genre: Pets
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owning a german shepherd can be a wonderful experience (after all, isn't it just the very best breed of dog in the world!). However, it is a large and powerful dog, so to enjoy the experience, you must be in full control at all times. this means both in your home, and when you are out and about.

the best method of getting this control is by using your german shepherd's natural instincts. This method will make the task of training your dog much easier and your dog will learn obedience much more quickly.

the whole training process becomes less stressful for both you and your german shepherd and the results are excellent.

you will find that this ebook is quite different to most of the dog training books or videos that you may encounter.

firstly, it is a lot more comprehensive so that you are not left high and dry wondering what to do next, especially if something is not working out as you wanted it to do.

secondly, this guide teaches you a "method" rather than how to train a dog to carry out basic individual obedience requirements

thirdly, this training guide is based on the techniques related to the nature and instincts of the dog. These techniques are "dog friendly" and are the basis of the mysterious system known as "dog whispering" or "dog listening".

actually, it is not all that mysterious, but simply utilizes nature and the dog's natural evolved instincts.

why does this dog training method work?
dogs evolved from wolves and much of their basic instincts survive in your own dog today. To communicate what you want your dog to do it is necessary to consider how your dog receives your instruction.

when a dog fails to respond and you find yourself getting agitated and shouting. your raised level of agitation is what a wolf might pick up on when the pack is faced with a threat. in other words, you stimulate your dog's fight or flight instincts , which is not what you want to do.

Instead learn to think like your dog does. strangely, there is not as much exchange of audio messaging as you might think. dogs pick up on subtle visual signals and emotions - have you ever noticed how a dog knows you are going to take it for a walk even before you get out of your chair.

easy steps to successful german shepherd obedience:
This ebook is laid out in easy and logical steps. it starts with some simple dog psychology to help you understand how your dog thinks. It also includes details about how to solve many serious dog behaviour problems. there are illustrations to help you learn the special techniques and the many useful tips that will make your life as a dog owner much easier.

this book will teach you how to train your dog just like a modern professional trainer would do. you will learn a basic foundation method that will put you in the position of "pack leader" so that you can have your dog obey you in all types of situations. these methods will also help you to solve many individual troublesome problems that might be specific to your own dog.

this is the most comprehensive german shepherd book you will find. it includes lots of tricks and tips and a step by step guide to take you through the whole training process even if you have never trained a dog before.

in addition to the training guide, currently, there is a really useful free bonus.

this bonus comprises of a combination of 2 free bonus books.

1) a guide to feeding, diet and welfare for your dog

2) how to groom and bath a dog

if you are serious about training and caring for your german shepherd dog - 
get control of your dog now and also learn how to care for your german shepherd.

This information will never go out of date and will almost certainly save you money on the vet's bills you don't have to pay!